Top Places To Visit In Nevada During The Week

If you have already been to Las Vegas, or even up to Reno, there are still many places in Nevada that are exceptional to visit. If you are a tourist, and you would like to expand what you know about this state, it’s good to look at historic sites and state parks. You could have already taken the tour of the Grand Canyon, conveniently flying over that beautiful area from your hotel. However, to learn more about the origins of this date, and how it became what it is today, historic sites are places that you should visit.

What Are Some Of The Historic Sites?

The historic sites that you should visit include Grimes Point. It has very good reviews online. Another place is Thunderbird Lodge, a place where you can see beautiful trees and areas that are devoid of desert. If you haven’t been to any government buildings before, you should certainly consider taking a trip over to the Governors. Mansion. Additionally, if you would like to go to the historic site where people were buried, the old Tonopah Cemetery is a destination that many people enjoy that are into history.

Visit A Couple Of The State Parks

There are several state parks that you can visit on this date. One of them is the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park which is considered to be one of the most gorgeous in the United States. You could head over to the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park to see the beautiful Meadows and greenery. If you are heading into an area that is quite desolate looking, it might be Red Rock Canyon. Another place is the Valley of Fire State Park which has some of the most beautiful natural formations you will ever see made of rock.

All of these locations are fantastic. Very few people get to see them all. You might want to schedule a vacation that will last for two or three weeks if you would like to see as much of this is possible. During that time, you could also have into Las Vegas if you want to, something that most people do. You should just know that there is so much more to this beautiful state, and you will certainly enjoy yourself out these popular destinations. Just make sure that you travel when it is not too hot such as March or April, or in the late fall. This will make your stay much more pleasant especially in the state parks.